Best Web Hosting in 2018 for Wordpress - Simple Tour & Tutorial Guide


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My website hosting tutorial is structured for inspiring future website owners who are looking for the best hosting on the internet to start a blog or build one from scratch. This tour guide will introduce and outline some of the most important elements you need to be aware of before you launch a website from a web host.

Top 4 Features Included in a Best Web Hosting Service Plan:

1. Unlimited Domain Registration(starting here 25:39)
A plan is not complete without the option to order as man domain names as you possibly want. Affiliate links or long drawn out urls can be hinder users from visiting your site if not hyperlinked. One good reason to order an extra domain is to shorten it in a way that represents the longer version. Maybe you are entering another industry, who knows. Their are many scenarios for acquiring more domains, what's yours.

2. Limitless Bandwidth Privileges
Usually, a website has many pieces of content consolidated to one article for each publishing; video, text, images, and some cases, sound. As visitors download your content from visiting your site, bandwidth will not be a huge issue as it was for many in the past. That means, no extra charges. Now, let's talk about emails.

3. Unlimited Email Accounts & Storage
Since you are paying for a plan, the email option is open for you to take advantage of immediately. Get yourself a professional-made, customized, email for your brand new website. No longer will you have to use free accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN, those are good services. However, a matching account just looks formal a serious.

4. Push Button Installation Software (starting here 13:05)
Don't understand web development tools such as HTML, Javascript, or CSS? How about FTP(file transfer protocol)? No problem, install a blog on the fly with the one button installation software, Wordpress. In fact, there are several scripts for you to choose from; mailing, social media membership, even forum rooms.

After you have gained full knowledge of website hosting, you should be well on your way to starting a web property of your own. It will become a very exciting time once you fully grasp and understand each function on your Cpanel.

Again, if you have questions about web hosting, simply visit us on: https://webhostingthrone.com/

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